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    Why Roleplaying With Your Phone Sex Girlfriend Is Good For You


    Your new phone sex girlfriend says, “Sooo…fantasies. Let’s talk about those for a minute, shall we?”

    Here’s the great thing about erotic fantasies: You can do whatever you want in them. When you’re playing things out in your head, you don’t have to worry about logistics or practicality.  Or even whether the fantasy itself is a good idea or not.  You can just let your imagination run wild. That’s the sort of freedom that you just can’t find anywhere else.

    Of course, that brings us to another thing about fantasies: Not all of them can be (or should be, in some cases) played out in real life.

    Now don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean you have to keep them all bottled up inside.  Nor do you have to be ashamed of your own desires. Down that road lies nothing but distress and aggravation.

    Instead, there’s a compromise that can be made.


    The Benefits of Roleplay with Your Phone Sex Girlfriend


    And what might that be, you ask? It’s roleplaying–especially roleplay phone sex.  And especially-especially with a phone sex girlfriend on Talk To Me 123.

    Why? Well, roleplaying itself is great if you like to fantasize about things. Like letting a woman dominate you, or sucking cock, or being a chastity slave, but don’t think any of those things are something that you can feasibly do in real life.

    A  Phone Sex Girlfriend roleplay can give you a safe, somewhat-anonymous, and healthy outlet for those desires. It will help you sate those desires by sharing them with another person.  But it’ll also mean that you don’t have to do anything inadvisable (like run around naked in public or something), either.

    And, of course, roleplaying with your phone sex girlfriend is even better than just roleplaying with any random phone girl.  Because your phone girlfriend will be much more familiar with you and the things you like. She’ll know how to tailor those roleplays to your individual personality.  And she’ll know all the right buttons to push to turn you on.

    Plus, you’ll be more comfortable with the person you turn to for all your GFE fantasies. You won’t feel like you’ll have to hold back for fear of weirding her out.  Or giving her too much information that she might misinterpret or something like that. If you can tell her all your other secrets, there’s no reason that you can’t confess your secret fantasies, too, right?


    Explore Fantasies  You Would Never Do in Real Life


    So my advice to you is not to hold back on those fantasies that you don’t think you can ever do in real life. Take the compromise. Talk to your favorite phone sex girlfriend about those things you’d never tell anyone else. Let her work her magic. Together, the two of you can create such a realistic and intense roleplay, that will satisfy you so much.  You’ll never once regret that those fantasies will always remain in your imagination.

    Let your phone sex girlfriend do what she does best–listen, understand, and create! You’ll love every second of it and wonder why on earth you didn’t tell her all about your fantasies sooner.


    Did you enjoy this article? Give one of our Girlfriend Phone Sex Mistresses a call, today!