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How To Have the Best Phone Sex

When you call a phone sex company for a session the whole point is to enjoy yourself! We know that and we want you to have the very best experience possible every time you talk to one of our Mistresses. No one is perfect all the time, but we aim to always give you a world class customer experience. You can help with that though, because like any great couple a phone sex session is a relationship that requires give and take on both ends. Weíll give a little and you do the same, mostly with information to help us guide you through the most mind blowingly real telephone session you can imagine.

There are just three things to keep in mind to always have the Best Phone Sex. They are simple really and they are all based on the same things any other relationship is based on. Being open, being honest and being realistic in your expectations while still hoping for amazing every time. We want to give you a leg up on getting to the amazing part though, so here are some tips on how to have the best phone sex call ever.

Share Those Feelings

First of all, be open. Yes, tip number one is here and thatís right you have to do what men have been complaining about for ages! You have to share what you are feeling! *giggle* Actually, you just have to open up and talk to us. Our Mistresses are very open minded and love to have fun, so they are ready and willing to listen to anything you have to tell them, no matter how naughty it is. They like to know what you are interested in and what you are hoping they want to talk about as well.

So think about what kind of session you want. Are you hoping someone will be very strict with you? Our Mistresses can be strict or they can give you a bit of a break, taking it a little easier on you. Thatís why you have to let them know if you crave the iron fist in the velvet glove. We are all amazing and sexy, but not mind readers. Well we arenít quite yet, you never know though! For now, you have to be open with yourself and then open up to us. Tell us what you really really want.

Honesty is the Only Policy for Fun

Tip number two goes hand in hand with number one, you have to be very honest with us and with yourself. We want to have fun and so do you, but the only way to really enjoy yourself is to tell us the truth and only the truth. We can handle it. Promise. You donít have to worry about what we will think of you, we are just hoping to hear the truth so we donít lead you down a path you donít like. After all, being controlling Fem Doms we tend to lead and just expect you to follow, but that doesnít mean you canít choose the path. Thatís why we need to know so we donít take any wrong turns.

Phone sex sessions require complete sexual trust and honesty and we are happy to give that to you as long as we get the same in return. And for you to have the best session you have to tell us if you really love to wear panties, because otherwise we wonít know. Or if you humiliation is your thing, lets hear about it. Besides it might amuse us to have to admit to some of those things you need and desire.


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Help Us Help You

Finally, the best way to make this relationship work is to be realistic. Remember you are on the phone. We canít really reach out and grab those balls and give them a hard squeeze, but we can tell you to do it and you can imagine how it would feel for us to do it. We know this isnít exactly the same as having our hot bodies right there with you, but it can be very close. Especially if you are ready and willing to do everything in a very honest way and not try to get less punishment just because you are on the phone. Then you can have a very real experience.

Phone sex is based on trust and mutual enjoyment. So just speak up, tell us what you want and then relax and let us take it from there. Youíll have fun and so will we and you can get to that place where you were hoping to be when you picked up the phone and dialed.