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Can You Have A Femdom GFE?

by Ms. Christine of

One of the type of sessions you can engage in with phone sex is the GFE – the Girlfriend Experience. When most people think about the GFE, they're thinking about actually having a hot sexy lady they can talk to, not just about sex, but about all kinds of things to do with life. I mean, ultimately, let's face it, you're calling a phone sex line and at some point, sex is going to be involved! But, those who enjoy GFE calls are looking for something a bit more intimate, a bit more connected with the ETE - Erotic Telephone Entertainer.

So, the question is, can you have a Femdom GFE?

Well, you might as well ask, can you have a girlfriend…or a wife who's a Femdom? Of course you can! Many of the Mistresses here at LDW have submissive husbands or submissive boyfriends, so why would you think you couldn't have a Femdom GFE fantasy? There are some myths and realities about Female Domination – especially when it comes to actual real live relationships that may be leaving you with the belief that you can't have a Femdom GFE.

What is a 24/7 Femdom relationship?

It's not all leather, chains, and whips all the time. It's not even all panties and heels either. In a 24/7 relationship, there's a dynamic at play, where one person – in this case, the woman – is dominant over the submissive. That domination can mean that the sub takes care of the home, does all the chores, does the cooking the cleaning, etc., and then, when there is sex involved, it's playtime. In a good number of 24/7 relationships the Domme isn't controlling every single move the submissive makes, but there's definitely a sense of who is in charge. Controlling someone and micromanaging them 24/7 is tiring work!


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And guess what? It can be quite vanilla at times...

Couples in D/s relationships talk about mundane things at times – where to go to eat, where to go on vacation, what gifts to get for Christmas. They talk about current events and the weather. A D/s couple can be just like a vanilla couple – except of course when they express their sexuality and what they do in the bedroom…or the living room, or the kitchen…the basement dungeon…the glory hole…you get the drift! So, if your kinks run toward Female Domination, there is absolutely no reason you can't have a Femdom GFE.

And as you know, a Femdom GFE can run the gamut from sensual to strict.

Maybe you just want to have a nice relaxing call with one of our ETE's, where she turns out to be a cocktease, or really enjoys having you orally worship her while she torments your cock and balls. Maybe you want something more strict, where she becomes disappointed in something you did during your date and tells you the only way you can make it right with her is to submit to an over the knee spanking.

Just remember, we want to make your fantasy come true, so wherever that fantasy takes you, we're willing to craft the perfect phone sex call for you! And don't be surprised if a relationship ensues...providing a GFE experience in the mix.