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You may think that meeting the perfect person online makes no sense, but that is only because you haven’t tried it. She is easy to talk to, has an amazing voice and always makes me feel better. She has a way about her that allows me to really open up and tell her things. Continue reading about it in Closer than Anyone.

Girlfriend phone sex can be the most mind blowing experience ever, if you have the right partner. You can go from zero to blast off in just a few minutes.  Or, take your time and really enjoy the moments, building to an incredible climax, when you really connect with your partner. However, if you don’t connect and you find yourself talking to someone who just isn’t quite right for you, it can be not only frustrating sexually, but very disappointing in every other way as well. Read more about How to Choose the Perfect Phone Sex Partner.

There may have been a time when men called phone sex simply to get off, but it isn’t like that anymore. While many men do still call a phone sex operator to talk strictly about sex or just to have her listen to him jerk off, most want more than that. Continue reading  Why Girlfriend Phone Sex is More than Just Sex.

Let me start out by saying that I hate referring to one as “the real thing,” as that implies the other is “not real,” and we know that isn’t the case. I personally have a great relationship with a virtual girlfriend online. It is just as real as any other I’ve had with a girlfriend I met at, say, work or the laundromat. Read more about Online Girlfriend versus Real Life Girlfriend.

You can call it whatever you want, but our relationship is special to me. In fact, when I think of her or talk about her to anyone new, I call her my girlfriend. It just seems right and natural. We have known one another for months and she is the person who knows all my secrets. It started out exactly like a regular relationship. Well, almost. Before you start judging how we met or that I purchase sessions to talk with her, let me explain a few things to you that should be obvious, but aren’t for some. Continue reading My Phone Sex Girlfriend.

Phone sex saved my marriage. You read that title and thought that I’m either crazy or I’m going to tell you about all the kinky new things I learned about how to satisfy my wife by calling phone sex. Am I right? Well, I did learn some kinky new things. But that is not what saved my marriage. Phone sex saved my marriage because it made me look at myself and realize that I have not always been living up to the expectations my wife has. And, according to my phone sex Mistress, she should have even higher ones and I should have no problem meeting them. Continue reading about How Phone Sex Saved my Marriage.

My girlfriend is a phone call away. I met her a while ago, by accident. I wasn’t really looking for anything ongoing, but then we got to talking and everything just clicked. She likes the same things I do and wants to go to all the places that I want to go. I don’t care that I have never  met her in person. She gives me what I need and that’s all that matters. Continue reading My Girlfriend is Always a Phone Call Away.

Phone sex is one of those things that I never thought of as anything more than a fun secret I had. It was sexy and exciting.  But nothing that  would affect my life in one way or another. Well, it was, of course, affecting me.  But only my cock and my ability to get off in a really hot way, that I couldn’t always share with my wife. That was until I met my phone sex girlfriend.  She helped me to see that I could have so much more. Continue reading how my Phone Sex Mistress Changed my Life.

I love girlfriend experience calls. They are one of my favorite types of calls. I love pretending to be someone’s girlfriend and talking about all the things we would do together. I’m a good listener and have a great imagination, as well as a lot of personal experience, that I can add to the perfect girlfriend fantasy. Continue reading Why I Love being your Roleplay Girlfriend.

When you stop and think for a moment about why anyone would call phone sex, your mind instantly goes to the love men have for jerking off and just playing with their cock or talking about boobs, in general. But interestingly enough, that isn’t the only reason at all. In fact, it’s just one of many. Read more about Why Men Call Phone Sex.

GFE – also known as Girlfriend Experience – Fantasies that are not done in person, but they are even better because of that! So, now that we have that out of the way, lets talk a little bit about what GFE phone sex is! Read more about the Girlfriend Experience.

I’m here to tell you that you can have a fulfilling relationship with a woman on the phone. Yes, she isn’t right here with me at all times, but the time I do spend with her is enough to fill the loneliness I sometimes feel inside. She lets me pretend that we are a couple. We plan dates and vacations together. She listens to my fantasies and dreams. She gives me the girlfriend experience that I need and don’t have time, or the desire, to find in my physical life. Continue reading about My Perfect Girlfriend.

When you call a phone sex company for a session, the whole point is to enjoy yourself! We know that. We want you to have the very best experience possible, every time you talk to one of our Mistresses. No one is perfect all the time.  But we aim to always give you a world class customer experience. Read more about How to Have the Best Phone Sex Experience.

When I wake up from this dream and realize that it isn’t real, I’m sad, but happy that she is in my life in some way. She is my “girlfriend” in all ways that count to me. She and I can talk for hours about everything from our favorite foods to our most disliked relatives. I know that I will never actually meet her, but I don’t mind our relationship being just on the phone. Truth be told, I don’t have time for anything more than a girlfriend at a distance. Continue reading Why I Love My Phone Sex Girlfriend.

“It’s okay, I understand. Just tell me about it.” Those are the words we hope to hear from anyone to whom we reveal our deepest secrets. Regardless of why we have chosen to tell them, if this is someone we trust with our most private truths, we are always hopeful they will listen and understand. Continue reading Phone Sex Therapy.

Well, you might as well ask, can you have a girlfriend – or a wife – who’s a Femdom? Of course you can! Many of the Mistresses here at LDW have submissive husbands or submissive boyfriends, so why would you think you couldn’t have a Femdom GFE fantasy? Continue reading Can you have a Femdom GFE?

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