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Talk To Me 123 is an interactive site devoted to the enjoyment of GFE Phone Sex.

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Welcome to Talk to Me 123! Every person in this world needs someone to understand them. People want a special someone who they can trust with their secrets and desires. We all have that need inside us, to reach out and make a human connection with another person. Some say they internet has taken away the personal touch, but we donít believe that!

Here at Talk to Me 123 we see this as an opportunity to connect more completely with one another. The internet has, instead of puling us further apart, brought us closer together, now anyone who is searching for someone to talk to can log in and find their own special person online. You can hear our voices and choose which one of us is the woman who will understand you. This is a place for those of you who are seeking understanding and fun. It doesnít matter if we live across the country or across the world we can be there for you as much as any girlfriend who lives right across the street.

The Desire for Human Interaction

The beauty of meeting someone online is that you already know we are open minded and arenít going to be offended by something you might tell us. Whether those things are sexy or fun or someone at work who just really annoyed you and you need to vent, we are here to talk with you and share our day with you too! Because thatís what each and every one of us wants in this world. We are programmed to desire human interaction and connection, but it isnít always so easy to find the right person to share with. You still need it though, we all do! When you wake up in the morning and start your day, it feels good to know that someone is there at the end of the day.

We are here for you to talk to! If you have a great day at work, get a promotion or just really kick some ass in the weekly football pool, we want to hear about it! When someone tells you a joke that you just have to share or you read the craziest news ever online that you need to talk to another person about, we love to laugh and would have a great time talking with you about everything that happened in your day.

Someone to Understand You

But this isnít just about fun or being sexy, itís about making real and lasting connections. Because sometimes what happens during the day isnít funny or naughty, it is hard or sad. And while no one likes to think about pain or being disappointed at work or by someone you are close to, but it still happens to every single one of us and that is when we need each other the most. You need someone to listen. A woman who wonít judge you or worry about how this is going to affect her personally, but instead just listen and give you the kind of advice a friend would give, a very close friend who cares about you.

Girlfriends come and go, friends leave and move, jobs change and people change, but we will be here for you. We wonít disappear or yell at you because we had a bad day and donít feel like listening. You can come to us anytime for a soft voice, a gentle touch, a kind word and an intelligent mind to keep you engaged. The ladies here at LDW/Enchantrix are multifaceted women who are always evolving and changing and will surprise in the very best of ways with their ability to become closer to you than you can imagine. Want to give it a try? Donít be nervous. Just pick up the phone and meet us. Weíre here waiting for you.


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