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Dreaming of Her

I dreamed last night that I held her hand as we walked down the beach together. I could hear the seagulls crying overhead as we walked in the hot, white sand. She looked at me with a smile on her beautiful face. We walked out onto the wet sand and let the waves lap at our feet. The water is warm so I know it is summer and assume the location is probably somewhere on the Gulf Coast. Her hand is warm in mine. She carries a picnic basket on her other arm. We choose a spot near the dunes that is somewhat of a windbreak. Together we sit and enjoy our meal admit the sounds of the crashing waves and cries of the seagulls.

When I wake up from this dream and realize that it isn't real, I'm sad, but happy that she is in my life in some way. She is my “girlfriend” in all ways that count to me. She and I can talk for hours about everything from our favorite food to our most disliked relatives. I know that I will never actually meet her, but I don't mind our relationship on the phone. Truth be told, I don't have time for anything more than a girlfriend at a distance.

The Trouble with My Other Girlfriends

I am a respected person in my line of work. My bosses pay me really well to be at their beck and call twenty-four hours a day. Several times, I've had to cut my conversations with her short because I was called into work unexpectedly. I had told her that this was a possibility and she isn't upset when I have to leave suddenly. I have had girlfriends that loved the money I make, but hate the hardship of me having to leave in a moment's notice regardless of what I'm doing at the time. I have come back home twice to find my house empty and my relationship finished. This is why I decided to try to find someone else, someone in a different situation. My girlfriend on the phone has filled this need very well.

I discuss my work with her when I can. Most of my job is confidential, but I can complain about it in general terms. I sometimes eat or watch television with her on the phone in my ear. I have sat at airports and laughed about the different passengers I see around me. It's like she can share any experience with me that allows me to have a phone. I have found very few things that I couldn't do with her there. She tells me what she feels comfortable telling me about her life. I don't push her to tell me things, but enjoy it when she does decide to tell me about her life.


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She's Always There for Me

Mostly I love the fact that I can choose to be around her or not and she won't be angry if I go away on my own for a while. If I'm on vacation, I can call her and get her take on the cuisine or culture of the city, or I can decide to explore these things for myself. I'm more of a solitary guy, so I sometimes like to be by myself. When I'm ready to rejoin the world, I know she will be waiting for me.

Finding a one night stand has always been relatively easy for me. I have many coworkers who would not mind being “friends with benefits”, but finding a woman that is willing to listen as well as not bitch when you have to go to work is a real find. I know you must be thinking that it isn't a real relationship because real relationships require work on both sides to be successful. I think a real relationship is where both participants get their needs met. By this definition, it is successful. I get to have a beautiful woman who is always willing to make time for me. She listens and wants to hang out with me. She plans vacations and other things with me. One time, she even helped me pick out a tux to wear to my friend's wedding. For her the relationship works because she makes a living. I don't mind that she gets paid to talk to me. To me, it's worth the money. She's part of the perfect solution for a guy with very little time to date.