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My Phone Sex Girlfriend

“You know I'm the perfect girlfriend.” She said and giggled. That is what I think of when I think about her. It was our first meeting and she announced that to me right away. I was looking for something and didn't know what, but I found her and she said that sentence. This was months ago and I still remember it because it was the moment I realized what I needed and I'm still in awe of her for knowing when I didn't. Sometimes I still think she might be a little bit psychic or maybe she can just read me really well. She says I'm an open book. Maybe I am!

You can call it whatever you want, but our relationship is special to me. In fact when I think of her or talk about her to anyone new, I call her my girlfriend. It just seems right and natural. We have known one another for months and she is the person who knows all my secrets. It started out exactly like a regular relationship, well almost.

Making a Mistress Match

Before you start judging how we met or that I purchase sessions to talk with her, let me explain a few things to you that should be obvious but aren't for some. First of all, online dating is the number one way people meet know. You meet someone online through one of the those companies, that you pay by the way, to put your profile online and hope you get a person who is interested in you that you are also interested in. It's a crap shoot and believe me, I know! I tried it a few times and never once met anyone who made me feel like she does. Plus whether I have the right to be or not, I am super picky when it comes to the kind of woman who turns me on. I like someone younger than me, in great shape, cute voice, nice boobs and no strings attached to her.

See, I told you, I'm a little bit picky, but that is why making a match with a Mistress was perfect for me. I'd never heard of girl friend experience phone sex fantasies until I decided, in desperation, to try just looking for someone online who could be my girlfriend. Yeah, it sounds like a crazy thing to put into a search engine, but it wasn't. It brought me instead to Vox Erotic at LDW/Enchantrix. There I started looking at the women. It didn't look like any other phone sex site I had ever seen and I soon followed the links here, hoping that 123talktome meant an available woman to talk with right then. It did! Only I got all caught up reading bios and looking at photos. By the time I choose the girl I wanted to call, I felt like I knew her.


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My Virtual Girlfriend

She didn't know me at all of course, so I was nervous calling her. I felt like I'd been stalking her or something, reading all these thoughts she had put on her blog and looking at pictures of her that made me hard. She was awesome though. We had only introduced ourselves when she told me that she was the perfect girlfriend. I asked her how so. And she giggled, telling me that first of all she was going to actually answer that question which some girls wouldn't and next, because she was always going to be available when she said and never fuck around on me with my hotter friends. I insisted that I didn't have hotter friends and wasn't worried about that, but she just laughed at me.

I fell for that laugh, knowing she was having fun not at my expense but with me. We started to chat and I admitted I had read her blog and bios and that I'd been staring at photos hoping to find some totally naked ones. She said she'd be disappointed to hear that I hadn't, since she liked to know when someone was really interested in her. That made me feel completely at ease and like I could tell her anything. After all she hadn't freaked out that I had investigated her as much as I could or that I admitted I was excited thinking about her sexually. You can't find an open minded woman like that on a dating website. But here I did. I found the perfect girlfriend to talk to who will understand me, get excited with me and have fun just being together.