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Phone Sex is More than Sex

There may have been a time when men called phone sex simply to get off, but it isn't like that anymore. While many men do still call a phone sex operator to talk strictly about sex or just to have her listen to him jerk off, most want more than that. It seems that the easy access to sexually gratifying materials that the internet has given us has done the opposite of what many feared would happen. Instead of making us, as a society more intent on finding sexual outlets, it made us realize what we truly value and want in a relationship.

Not so long ago we were warned as a society that we were starting down a slippery slope. Porn and it's easy and often free access on the internet was going to make us a people who degrade and devalue one another. We were supposed to slip into complete deviant behavior, unable to be satisfied with one kind of sex and needing more and more extreme experiences, as we could flip through the pages of the web and find anything and everything. We were told that soon we would not want anything but sex and relationships would be entirely disposable. Phone sex became less of a naughty secret and more part of our popular culture, women and men both talking about loving it and how often then do it.

Relationships Are Important

Possibly for a while this was all very true. People were looking at and trying out all kinds of new things, being very sexually adventurous, even visiting dungeons and going to swinger parties. People who normally were content with their nine to five lives had branched out into all kinds of new experiences. But that wasn't necessarily the onset of evil deviance we were warned about because something else began to happen as well. We found that when anything is accessible it becomes less important and soon what we really want, swings back to what is harder to find. That wasn't sex, sex was easy. What was difficult became finding real human connections.

When you are online and watching any porn you can find, interacting virtually and thinking only of the next video, you soon realize that you are not truly connecting with any person. You can type to the cam girl, but you can't really talk with her because she is doing a show for a whole group. Those shows get boring after a while when you realize they are all very similar. This is when men started calling the phone sex Mistresses again and this time, instead of just jerking off, although some still do that, they wanted to talk, to connect on a level that was stronger than just sex.


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Sex and Intimacy

Sexual encounters and intimacy are not always the same things. We think of being in an intimate relationship with someone as being close enough to know every part of them. Whether that means body parts or their mind and heart and soul, what truly matters is the closeness, the connection. Erotic Entertainment is more than sex, it's mental and psychological. People calling phone sex now know that while it's fun to get off, it can be just as fun to connect with someone. It is fun to know that she is there waiting, hanging out, maybe even thinking of you. When you call she remembers you and chats about a movie she saw that she thinks you will like or you compare notes on your favorite television shows.

This doesn't mean that phone sex isn't very hot and great for sexual release, but it means our society is moving on from just sex to valuing one another more. We connect on a level that is deeper than a quick fuck. Instead you can talk to your phone sex Mistress about work or what you did that day. You can call her up and vent about an argument with your boss or ask for advice on talking with your wife about something that you think she might not understand. A phone sex fantasy is more than just getting off, it's about being accepted and understood and having someone who is open minded listen to you. We have found that many of the men who call us from Vox Erotic looking for phone sex are really looking for that special connection you get when someone really understands you and listens when you talk to them. Want to talk to us? Call, we're here for the sexy naughty stuff and the less naughty stuff.