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How Phone Sex Saved My Marriage

You read that title and thought that I'm either crazy or I'm going to tell you about all the kinky new things I learned about how to satisfy my wife by calling phone sex. Am I right? Well I did learn some kinky new things but that is not what saved my marriage, phone sex saved my marriage because it made me look at myself and realize that I have not always been living up to the expectations my wife had and believe me, she has and according to my phone sex Mistress, she should have even higher ones and I should have no problem meeting them. The thing is I didn't know how or what to do, but that is why I say phone sex saved my marriage because my phone sex fantasy lady made sure I learned more than just how to try to get her to be more kinky.

My relationship with my wife was a little rocky when I went in search of a phone sex experience. I had looked at sites galore and finally found something that not only sounded classy (Vox Erotic) but had women who looked good and seemed to be intelligent. I am just not the kind of guy who wants to spend any time with a stupid person, especially not time that might be used to get me off. No way! And these ladies were much more intelligent than the other around. So, I read up on them and chose one. She turned out to be the savior of not only my marriage but on some days my sanity.

Getting It All Out

We all need a place to vent. Seriously we do! I never really bothered with venting, until I realized how much I was keeping inside. My wife was the only one I shared things like that with, the problem there was that I was so frustrated and pissed off that when I did finally start talking about it, she heard all that anger in my voice. Of course she thought it was directed at her and got angry herself. This lead to arguing instead of sharing and we became completely unable to discuss things that bothered me. This was fine, except that I shut down. No sharing meant no arguing and that was just fine with me. I was personally sick of the fights, so avoidance became my middle name. It was all her fault of course for not just listening to me, but instead getting upset herself. /P>

My first conversation with my Mistress she called me out on my bullshit. She listened while I talked about what I wanted sexually and then got distracted bitching about how my wife doesn't like most of the things I like in bed and how she doesn't bother to listen to what I need. I expected sympathy! Instead I was called out on my bullshit right then and there. She didn't want to hear about how this was no my fault at all, because I was misunderstood. Oh no, she was far more interested in having me explain just exactly why I wasn't trying to explain to my wife how sorry I was for talking to her like jerk! I was taken aback and asked her why she thought that and did she know I could just hang up. She said sure, but that if I did I'd end up divorced by the end of the year. Now that I look back at it, I can see she was right.


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A Woman's Point of View

We have talked many many times since that first day and she always supplies me with the female point of view on things. If something happens at work and I call and tell her all about it, getting my frustrations our while talking to her, it doesn't hurt her feelings or piss her off, but she does point out how things I say might make my wife feel. That has helped immensely. Now instead of not telling my wife, I just calm down a little first and think about how I'm saying things and why she might be reacting the way she does. Then I go home and share with her. This sharing has brought us closer together.

Being closer to my phone sex Mistress has saved my marriage, because it has made me able to be closer to my wife as well. Which is great, especially when I want to convince her to try out some of the new kinky things I've learned about!