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Phone Sex Therapy

“It's okay, I understand. Just tell me about it.” Those are the words we hope to hear from anyone who we reveal our deepest secrets to. Regardless of why we have chosen to tell them, if this is someone we trust with our more private truths we are always hopeful they will listen and understand. We want them to be interested but not judgmental and sometimes that happens, then we rejoice and are thrilled with them and with ourselves for choosing so well. Other times, we share with someone and are saddened to find that they are not able to understand us at all. We open up and they shut us down almost instantly. Then it is hard to open up again.

This is commonly believed to be why so many people turn to professional therapists to share their thoughts with. Not because they don't love their friends and family, but because they do and they don't want to risk those people seeing them differently or judging them for the rest of their relationship based on one admission. Oh, there are some secrets that should be judged, but those are illegal ones that we don't discuss. Instead, I'm talking to you about those that feed your desires. The secrets that you ache to tell, because on some level you want the person you are sharing them with not only to understand but to be able to relate on one level or another. This is why, therapists don't always work. The feedback is often ways to fix what might be making you think you want these things – A man who wants his wife to cheat on him? Oh no, you have self-esteem issues, when really, it just makes you hard. We understand that it is why you need Phone Sex Therapy!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Understands You

We know that you aren't a deviant because of what turns you on. So you want to watch your wife with another man, that makes you a cuckold and we know all about that! You aren't strange or alone and we know just what you need to really get you excited. So, you want to try on panties or you imagine yourself all dressed up and sucking a cock, we know all about that too! Maybe you love chastity and want someone to tell you that you are not allowed to cum or to ruin that orgasm for you at the last second – A phone sex Mistress can do all those things and more and she will understand and you don't want to be fixed. You just want someone to hear you. You just want to get off!

We know because we are interested in all kinds of sexy naughty things too. You can't shock us and we won't judge you for being you. Of course we can't help every single person, but if you and your phone mistress are on the same wave length, she is better than a therapist. She will listen to what you have to say, what you need and what you feel like you are missing and help you figure out ways to make it better. Plus, isn't it much easier to confess to someone you aren't staring at? And way easier than telling your partner who might get mad or cry or slap you!


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We Can Help You

It's not a perfect solution, but phone sex as therapy is about as close as you can get. Who better to share all your deep dark secrets with than a phone sex Mistress? She isn't going to call your family, or ask to speak to your boss. She doesn't even have to know your real name or where you live all that matters to her is that you are able to express your needs in an healthy and fun way. She wants what you want, to make it all better. Plus, we are experts at drawing you out. Our Mistresses genuinely love what they do, so when she is talking with you about your wants and needs, know that she is honestly interested in hearing what you are looking for too!

That is the beauty of phone sex therapy. We are here to make sure that you have a good time, so we know just how to get you to open up and really express yourself. Once you do that, it is so much easier to relax and enjoy yourself. We can even help you figure out ways to share with your wife or significant other what it is you are most excited to share!