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Fetish phone sex is one thing; you can find it many places. But a sensual and satisfying conversation with a strong and beautiful woman who can indulge your erotic fantasies is something rare and special. Hearing a great voice on the other end of the phone is essential to sublime fantasies and provides a welcome respite for the weary from the stress and strain every day life. Yet there is still something that you yearn for that's even more important than my deliciously rich voice, and that is the ability to be enticed and be subtly captivated and have your attention commanded. Now that is a rare and beautiful thing.

Many people need to keep their "respectable" vanilla life separate from their erotic one, and have needs and desires that would not only be embarrassing but also unacceptable to their friends and family. This is where I come in...

The truth is, you love being used and wrapped around my little finger, dropping everything to call me, because you love being controlled, teased and tormented by me. Taking care of my every need mesmerizes you. You love the way I make you fantasize about being with a woman like me and I'm so easy to talk to, that you may find yourself dialing to confide in me or tell me about what happened to you during the day before you tell your partner...

Whether you'd like to talk about makeup, shopping or discuss edging you to a delicious explosive orgasm, denying you, locking your cock, dressing it up in panties, making you take my strap-on and face your secret dark desire to suck cock, or any variation on these fantasies--all of these things from the most mundane to the erotically spectacular are my specialty.

My voice is soft but firm, friendly but teasing and I will coax secrets out of you that most likely you have never been able to admit to anyone, including yourself.

Looking forward to an erotic conversation with you...