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Are you looking for something different tonight? Talking dirty and finding someone to get off with is fun, but you can find that anywhere. Have you ever wished for a deeper connection? Smart, sexy conversation with a confident and educated woman is where it's at! Some call it The Girlfriend Experience. That just means 'the whole package'. Because as great as sex is, that primal lust only goes so far. You need to be able to relate to someone, express ideas and learn about the other person. I don't mean sappy or dramatic. I stay away from both! No, I'm talking about connecting to another human and making friends. You might be surprised what you find when you dig a little deeper! So what do you want to talk about? Do you love travel? Make a mean lasagna? Did you have a busy day? I want to know! Maybe you're a sports guy. Well, just because I was born in Portland and have never left doesn't mean I root for the Blazers! No way, not ever! Ask me my favorite team and tell me yours! I want to know what you're reading and how you think. And maybe in our smart, sexy banter, you'll love how different it feels. Let's play and have fun, relaxing together. I already know you love my let's see just how deep this rabbit hole goes! Want to play with a quick wit that just might surprise you? I love to turn you on brain-first and work my way down. Let's start tonight!