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Hey there! So glad you found me. Why don't we get comfortable and we'll have a nice chat.

Do you just need to blow off steam? Someone to welcome you home from a long hard day? I'm always in a good mood, and just a phone call away. Ten minutes to blow off steam one day, perhaps another day a long session of sexy talk?! What we talk about is up to you!

Nervous about talking with sexy beautiful ladies? Don't be. Sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger on the phone, share confidences than it is with those around us. I get it. I'm warm and friendly, open minded and waiting for your call. I'm not running in your personal circles, and won't accidentally run into your other friends. Therefore, no worries about me getting mad at you and spilling your most intimate of thoughts to the world!

Maybe you want to bounce some ideas off of me, get an idea what ladies really want. Want to know how you can gain more confidence in your ability to talk with, attract and ultimately be intimate with someone like me? I'll get to know you, give you suggestions on what I think you could try. Perhaps some lessons to help you feel confident and comfortable with your developing new skills.

Most importantly I can also be your sexy friend as well. Do you want to take some of those naughty thoughts for a test drive? Let's discuss your desires and fantasy's. See how good they feel when you try them out with a naughty friend! Maybe you need someone with a bit more experience to take you to new levels of kink you only dreamed of? Or, never dreamed of until she introduced it to you, now you can't get enough of it!

What are you waiting for? Adult sexy fun is just a call away!

Mistress Erika