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Some clients call me to have light-hearted discussions regarding various interests. Those topics could be a comedy, sports, food, music, literature. Others want to delve into deeply personal confessional sessions regarding their sexuality, relationships, and preferences. Many times, there is a partner that does not share those interests and it is with me that you can have a safe place to delve into your needs and thoughts very intimately.

For those of you who have been married for a long time perhaps your sexual desires have been repressed and are now becoming stronger and more defined as time passes. These needs are something that perhaps cannot be divulged to your wife, partner or family.

Well, CONGRATULATIONS! You can safely discuss and satisfy your fantasies with me. I will point out how healthy your process of discovery is regarding your "Erotic Truth." Expressing these needs and desires will only serve to free and relieve you while maintaining the long-lasting bonds of companionship that you have in your existing relationship.

Everyone is different and the pace of the "How" or "Why" that they identify sexually runs at different maturation rates. Sometimes these realizations, sexual epiphanies arise much later! For you to acknowledge and embrace your sexual needs or identification is a healthy and meaningful realization.

On a lighter note, I have a fabulous sense of humor and many times a keen sense of timing when it comes to lightening your "load." Pun intended.

So whether you desire a light-hearted sexy exchange, casual, analytical or confessional I am here for you.

Call Ms. Anna at 800-601-6975