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Hello darling. How was your day? I know it must have been hectic, and I am so happy to be here, so you can tell me ALL about it. It's such a pleasure to hear your voice and to listen and be a part of your world. Sometimes we all need a sympathetic ear, someone to listen to us, and vent.

Sharing something personal can be difficult when you feel that it might not be understood. What is on your mind? I promise you will have my undivided attention. I'm here for you so you can share your thoughts, dreams, ideas, and hopes. And to be a comfort when you seek it. Life can be frustrating and hectic, why not find someone that knows how important it is to talk and be truly HEARD by the person you bare your heart and soul to.

My outlook and life experience is extremely versatile, so rest assured, no judgment here. You can tell me ANYTHING. And I DO mean ANYTHING. Relationship issues? Problems in your marriage? Are you finding yourself longing for something more, but you can't share what you secretly crave with anyone in your life? I will be here, attentive to your words, understanding of your needs, and providing insight, even solutions and ways to cope, if you need me to.

I will be the girl you can't wait to come home to and share all that's in your heart. I will understand and help give you all the support you need. Do you wish to discuss personal events or discuss world events? I would love to have an intelligent, deep and profoundly interesting conversation with you?

Do you need advice with a unique female point of view? I'm your girl! Let's build a real connection, a friendship, and more! We can have fun, make each other laugh, and even misbehave together! Don't worry ! All your secrets are safe with me! Let's talk, baby. I can't wait to get to know you!