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The Perfect Girlfriend Fantasy

I'm here to tell you that you can have a fulfilling relationship with a woman on the phone. Yes, she isn't right here with me at all times but the time I do spend with her is enough to fill the loneliness I sometimes feel inside. She lets me pretend that we are a couple and we plan dates and vacations together. She listens to my fantasies and dreams. She gives me the girlfriend experience that I need and don't have time or desire to find in my physical life.

My favorite thing to do is plan to go to a movie together. I hope to one day be able to get her on the phone then go sit in the movie theater with her there listening. I think that it may work better if we both streamed the same movie at the same time, but I really want to “take” her to the movies. We've talked a lot of which movies we would go to and found that we both enjoy indy films, you know the ones that get awards at film festivals like Sundance but most regular joes have never heard of. We both make it a point to know about the best of those indy films. We also like the straight to video movies. Don't laugh—there are some real gems to be found in the dusty and forgotten shelves of the video store. Neither of us likes the rise of the mail order video store. Nope we like to go to the actual store and pick out our choices.

The Perfect Dinner Date

I also tell her that I want to just take her out to dinner at a nice place. Hell, even a burger and fries would do if it could happen. But, truth be told, I have a really good job on Wall Street for a reason. I hate crap food. I live in a great house, drive a nice car, sip expensive wine and eat good food. If I don't have time to go out for it, I get take out or have it delivered. I think I would have our meal catered if I had a choice.

She says that she loves Chinese food and I know this great place that would set up a romantic buffet for two on the patio beside my pool. I have been considering hiring a full time chef. I can definitely afford one now that I got another promotion. If I do that, then a private chef will be added to the fantasy. She insists that she is also a good cook, so I would also like to give her a chance to wow me with her culinary skills.


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The Perfect Evening

I think a lot about holding her hand as we sit on the deck. I have riverfront property and at night you can hear the fish jump in the moonlight. I have a boat, but she tells me that she will never get on it for any reason. She says that she had some trauma involving water at some point and now gets seasick if she even looks at a boat of any size on the water. But I know that I would be fine with just holding her hand while we sit in lawn chairs on the deck. She doesn't even have to talk to me. She can just read her book or sip her drink—as long as she's there and she is enjoying herself. That's all I care about. I could sip my drink and read magazine articles on my tablet. That's all I really want out of life—just someone who enjoys being near me in the quiet.

This does not mean that I'm antisocial or that I wouldn't want to show her off to my friends. I dream of arriving at office parties or clubs with this beautiful blond on my arm. She's gorgeous, you know, tall, blond, great boobs. I can see her standing beside me in the doorway of the office party in a slinky black dress and heels. The dress sparkles and her blue eyes shine when she smiles. She's so happy to be here with me tonight. The night is perfect. She's the perfect date that impresses all my friends and is friendly to all their wives. By the time we insist on leaving, everyone there is talking about how lucky I am to have her in my life. What more could a man want, I ask you? This is my girlfriend experience.