What is A Girlfriend Experience?


A girlfriend experience. This is one of those things that you’ve either heard of or not.  Though since you are here, I’m going to guess that you have heard of GFE phone sex and are curious as to what it is and how it works. We totally understand that and want to make sure that you have the most amazing experience you can possibly have.  So, let me start out by telling you one thing it is and one thing it isn’t.

GFE – Also known as Girl Friend Experience Fantasies are not done in person, but they are even better because of that! So, now that we have that out of the way, lets talk a little bit about what GFE phone sex is!

Girl Friend Experience is a term used for phone sex that allows you to have the feeling of having that sexy new girlfriend without having to worry about what comes afterward. Oh, that doesn’t mean that we don’t expect just as much attention as a regular girlfriend, because we do! In fact, GFE is the fetish that requires you to do the most work! But that is how it should be, isn’t it? I bet that you don’t mind at all.

You are probably aching for a hot girlfriend who won’t say, “No,” when you want to take off her bra. One who isn’t going to decide that she likes one of your hotter-than-you friends better. We know you have all kinds of attention to give to the right girl and lucky for you, we are all the right girl for someone! And we can promise you that one of our gorgeous ladies is perfect for you. If you don’t see her here, check out Vox Erotic, where even more of our amazing fantasy artists are listed.


Phone Sex is Phone Sex Right?


As a matter of fact that is very wrong! You see, each and every phone sex experience is a little bit different or at least it should be! We pride ourselves on never being exactly what you expect. That way you are never bored and always surprised. This is doubly true for Girl Friend Experience fantasies.

Think about it – Phone sex has many different fantasies and fetishes that encompass it. There are so many, that to attempt to name every single one would take forever and I would still certainly forget at least a couple. So, each type of fantasy really caters to what you are looking for and the lady you choose.

That is why GFE phone sex is so very different. When you are looking for an experience on the level of a girlfriend, you want something totally different than a man looking to try out lots of different ladies. You are looking for a connection. Someone not only sexy, but who has a personality that really clicks with yours.

This is one of the most important aspects of making a girlfriend experience session work! You have to feel like this is a woman you would truly date (if you were super lucky and a totally hot babe was into you). She has to be more than just someone you talk to once.  She has to have other qualities you enjoy and she will expect the same from you. After all, you can’t expect to have a girlfriend and have her do all the work, now can you?


Girlfriend Experience Calls Are Fun


It’s true! Having a girlfriend is a lot of fun! Even without the sex.  But we wouldn’t want to leave that out, now, would we? *giggle* The point is that girlfriends are someone to get naughty and kinky with and more! She will love to strip down with you and have a good time, but she isn’t going to only do that!

A girlfriend can be many things. She can be a confidante, or even just a fun chic to hang out with you. If you like to get dressed up, then she is an irreplaceable font of information and opinions on what you should and should not wear. If that’s not your thing, then she can be the person you turn to when your boss pisses you off or your friends are acting like jerks.

Even better, with Girl Friend Experience phone sex, she is not only a sure thing once, but every time you call. She isn’t going to refuse to talk to you because you didn’t buy her flowers. Or decide to date your best friend instead of you. Though she might threaten to hang up if you piss her off. She is always going to be the perfect, sexy girlfriend you are hoping for, as long as you are a great boyfriend to her.  So, think you can handle a real GFE?

Phone sex is based on trust and mutual enjoyment. So just speak up, tell us what you want and then relax and let us take it from there. You’ll have fun and so will we. And you can get to that place where you were hoping to be, when you picked up the phone and dialed.


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