Why I Love the Girlfriend Experience


I love girlfriend experience calls. They are one of my favorite types of calls. I love pretending to be someone’s girlfriend and talking about all the things we would do together. I’m a good listener and have a great imagination as well as a lot of personal experience that I can add to the perfect girlfriend fantasy. I love roleplaying with the guys. Below are some of my most memorable girlfriend experience moments.

One of the first memories I have is role playing an outdoor sports excursion with a young banker. He wanted a girlfriend who liked to camp and fish and wouldn’t be afraid to do things like skydive and snowboard. He started out just wanting to go on a camping trip. He wanted it to be in a hot place so I told him about camping on a river in Texas in the summer.

I told him that it was 115 degrees during the day and about 95 degrees at night. We agreed to pitch our tents on the banks of the river and I fished while he made a fire and got ready to cook. I caught a few perch and taught him how to filet them. That night we feasted on fresh fish and potatoes wrapped in tin foil and cooked in the coals of the fire. After we finished our meal off with a shared candy bar, we cleaned up then sat by the fire and looked at the stars.

He talked of his week at work and I told him about my adventures as a restaurant owner, which was the profession we had agreed would be mine before we started the role play. I really enjoyed it because my actual experiences with camping were limited to a couple of nights in the controlled wilds of summer camp.


The Sports Lovers Girlfriend Experience


One of my favorite callers of all time wanted me to be his girlfriend and go and hang out at his baseball games with him. So I would make up role plays were I would be one of the group of spouses or girlfriends who would gossip and drink warm beer while they cheered the guys on. I always threw in that I would get a soft pretzel with nacho cheese to dip it in at the snack stand.

I would tell him about how it felt to sit in the dark corner of the bleachers and watch him get up to bat. Then I would say that when he hit the ball out of the park I would stand up so fast to scream that I spilt my beer on my feet. I would tell him how I would run onto the diamond to hug and kiss him when his team won the championship game. I think he really enjoyed the idea that I liked his baseball games.

Then there was the guy who wanted to ride bikes to the park and lie on the grass and talk about life. He was unhappy in his marriage and wanted to talk about how he couldn’t leave her after twenty years because of the lack of a prenuptial agreement.

She didn’t love him anymore and flatly refused to even be his companion anymore. The guy was really just lonely and wanted someone who would just care about him and what he liked for a little while. So I would lie in the grass with him and lend an ear


My Girlfriend is a Rock Star


Finally there was my guy who wanted me to be a leather clad rocker chick so he could be my groupie. I remember I supposedly played in this LA based band. As the lead guitarist and lead singer, I got most of the attention, but I only had eyes for this groupie. The story went that he just showed up one night backstage and we hit it off. We’ve done this role play for years and now I am this Grammy award winning musician.

We date on and off whenever I’m in town. Sometimes I call him and he agrees to fly to wherever the band is to be with me. The fantasy is really detailed. He’s been married and divorced and I’ve done stints where I got mad at my band mates and went solo for a while. It is fun to think up the next chapter of our adventure together.

That is just some of the fantasies that stand out in my mind and they are just some of the reasons I love the girlfriend experience role plays. What kind of girlfriend experience are you looking for?