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Why Do Men Call Phone Sex?

Men love to get off. That is the obvious answer to that question isnít it? When you stop and think for a moment about why anyone would call phone sex, your mind instantly goes to the love men have for jerking off and just playing with their cock or talking about boobs in general. But interestingly enough, that isnít the only reason at all. In fact itís just one of many. Each man is different and his needs are different, so we have put together a list of five reasons we know of that men call phone sex. Keep in mind there are lots more and weíd love to know what your reason is!

1. To Get Off

This is the one we mentioned and the one most people think of when they think about phone sex. After all sex is usually the point when you want to speak with a telephone entertainer. Our ladies are perfect at becoming the exact sexual partner you desire, though we are Mistresses by nature there are even some who are happy to be more submissive you like that. Always keeping in mind that sex and getting off is what you are looking for, we totally understand and can help you have a mind blowing experience.

2. To Explore New Things

Exploration of new and naughty things is one of the most exciting things about phone sex. When you call a phone sex Mistress you have so many choices of things to do and talk about that itís nearly impossible to not learn something. Even if you are just here to talk about something that you have always wanted to try, we are happy to play along. Maybe you have been dying to imagine yourself in a pair of silky panties, but are too nervous to mention that to a woman you are in bed with, we can help you explore that side of yourself and even let you play out a fantasy where you get caught in those panties or put them on for us while we watch you on web cam. You get to explore those new desires without telling anyone who might judge you and we get to watch and enjoy ourselves too!


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3. Someone To Talk To

Itís not always easy to share everything about yourself with your significant other or your buddies. We know that there are things you want to and need to talk about that require someone who knows how to listen and not judge. We are open minded and intelligent women who will happily discuss whatever it is you need to get off your chest. Sometimes people need to vent or just discuss what they are going through without worrying how telling someone will change their relationship. We know that happens and are excited to have the opportunity to help you explore those thoughts and feelings without worry. Want someone just to tell a secret to? We are very discreet and will never betray your confidence in us.

4. Ideas to Try With Your Partner

We all know that sex needs to be kept fresh and exciting, but that can be hard. Especially if you have been together for a while and shared all your naughty little fantasies with one another already. You can tell that she is waiting for you to come up with something new and exciting but you just arenít sure what to do. Phone sex is the perfect place to call and ask. We are happy to talk to just you or to both of you and help you come up with something new and very sexy to try. Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes to look at your relationship and help you come up with even one hot idea. We are very creative, so be prepared to have a whole list of new games to play.

5. To get a Womanís Point of View

Admit it, there are times you want to ask a woman who isnít your wife if some new sexy game you want to try sounds incredibly deviant. Maybe you just need to bounce something off someone who isnít you before taking the chance on sharing with a person who might get really upset with you. There are times that itís all about how you approach it, especially when dealing with women. But men tend to say things the wrong way and then have to fix it. Your phone sex Mistress will listen and talk with you about it, tell you what she honestly thinks without getting pissed off and then help you come up with a great way to tell anyone else. Weíve been told we make relationships better. You can see why, right?

Phone sex is based on trust and mutual enjoyment. So just speak up, tell us what you want and then relax and let us take it from there. Youíll have fun and so will we and you can get to that place where you were hoping to be when you picked up the phone and dialed.