My Phone Girlfriend is a Phone Call Away


I love my phone girlfriend. I love the sound of her voice. It makes my day. After a long and difficult day at the office, it’s always great to    come home to someone, even if it’s on the phone. She listens to me whatever my mood.   As any single guy can tell you, a woman that will listen is a priceless gift.

I met her a while ago, by accident. I wasn’t really looking for anything ongoing, but then we got to talking and everything just clicked. She likes the same things I do and wants to go to all the places that I want to go. I don’t care that I have never met her in person. She gives me what I need and that’s all that matters.


I Can Get a Date


I haven’t told my family yet, though. Do not need all their negative opinions. I didn’t set out to get involved with a woman on the phone.  Did not look for a long distance relationship because they’re “safe.” I am very popular with the ladies, if I do say so myself. I’ve had lots of dates in the past, but I haven’t enjoyed any of my “physical” dates as much as I enjoy talking to her.

We talk about what the perfect date would be if we were in the same city. I live on the coast and own a beach house, so I always tell her that I want to show her the beach at sunset. I tell her that we could sit in the hot tub on my deck during any season and enjoy the smell of the salty air and sound of the seagulls.


My Phone Girlfriend: Planning Our Nights Together


I would love to take her on a night on the town in New York City. I love to talk with my phone girlfriend and plan the whole evening together. First, I would take her to a five star restaurant and order her something she’s never had. Then I would take her to a Broadway show or to the ice skating rink in Rockefeller Center. It’s beautiful at night. She said that she likes both ideas, but hasn’t had much experience with ice skates, so I would have to teach her. I told her that that wouldn’t be a problem, since I grew up in one of the snowy states.

We also talk a lot of getting Eurail tickets and seeing Europe by train. I’ve been to Europe several times, but I’ve always flown everywhere. She says that she wants to go by train because one gets to see the countryside. I would just like to have someone with me who will enjoy the experience, regardless of mode of travel. Imagine us in Paris, arm in arm, walking around the city, loving each other’s company.

I particularly love London and she’s never been there, so I dream of showing her all the places and people that I’ve found there. It would be so amazing to take her to the little pub where I always talk to the barkeep. He’s from somewhere in Northern England, so his accent is really thick. I always have to ask him to repeat what he says. I would love for her to meet him. My girlfriend says that she’s from the South.

I get to see the beauty of the old South through her eyes. She talks to me about walking down Bourbon Street with drinks called “Hurricanes” in plastic cups. I can feel myself on the street, holding her hand in mine as we walk through the humid night. I tell her the heat wouldn’t bother me if she was with me. She laughs and says, “That’s because you’ve never been there!” It’s our joke, and she understands what I mean. I could enjoy a vacation in Hell if she were there.

So I don’t care what people say about my “telephone girlfriend.” I need what she can give me. We laugh so much when we talk. She laughs at my stupid jokes and listens when I bitch about my boss or loves to hear about the last movie I saw. She tells me about her day job in an office. Sometimes she loves it and sometimes she hates it, just like everyone else.

I can understand that. She seems to really enjoy having this relationship with me, whatever it is. I feel like she understands me better than most of the people in my so called “real life.” I know that this will never be something that is in my “real life,” but I don’t care. She is what I need right now.