My Phone Mistress Changed My Life


My Phone Mistress has really changed my life.

Phone sex is one of those things that I never thought of as anything more than a fun secret I had. It was sexy and exciting. But nothing that would affect my life in one way or another. Well, that was until I met my phone sex girlfriend. She helped me to see that I could have so much more.

There were things I really loved that I hadn’t shared with anyone before I met my Mistress. Things that I just knew my wife would not understand. Things I loved and wanted to try with her, both with cuckolding and even some dressing up.  But I had no idea how to ever bring these up to her. Honestly, I had just decided that it was not something we’d ever really do! I spoke to Mistresses instead. Engaged in sexy role plays and played pretend. This was great and I didn’t mind it, but it wasn’t what I really desired. Then, I met my phone sex girlfriend and everything changed.


My Phone Mistress Asked, “What Do You Really Want?”


I never expected that question. I’d already talked with lots of phone Mistresses and was excited to get on to my fantasy with my latest. But after chatting a little bit, she asked me, very seriously, to tell her what I really wanted. Of course, I quickly announced that I had already told her and was anxious to get on to our role play. But she stopped me. And it felt like she was looking into my head and my heart and seeing something no one else had.

She told me that she knew what I wanted to talk about in the role play. But what she wanted to know was what I really wanted. Did I really want a role play with a phone sex Mistress? Or did my desires run deeper? She explained to me that some men love phone sex, and playing out the fantasy is fun and exciting. Then they move on with their day and come back to see her in a few days or a week to play again. But that I didn’t seem like them. I seemed like I was looking for more.

She was so right! I had always wanted to try this for real with my wife, but had no idea how to ever bring that up to her. I mean you don’t just announce to someone, who you are pretty sure doesn’t know anything about your slightly different sexual desires, that you are hoping she will go have sex with another man. Let you watch and then hope she gets turned on by it, too. Maybe even humiliate you in the process. But when my phone Mistress asked me what I was really wanting, all that just came out. I was telling her all about how I’d imagined my wife taking control and making me her cuckold. And that I’d almost told her so many times, but just never quite could do it. My phone Mistress listened and then said she was going to help me make it happen.


Making it Happen


My phone Mistress and I talked for a long time after that. There were many calls and sessions, both practicing what I would tell my wife and playing out some fun scenarios. She was eager to help me and encouraged me not to just live my life on the phone, but to help her make phone sex part of my reality. After lots of encouragement and tips, I finally told my wife about the phone sex and the panties. She was shocked and then a little turned on, something I never expected! I should have known no totally closed-minded woman would have married me in the first place.

Then came the moment of truth, telling her about the cuckolding. She was confused at first but, once I got her to agree to get on the phone with me and my new sexy friend, she ended up very interested. My Mistress explained it to her from a woman’s point of view, telling her she was ultimately in control, not me, and that she should not do anything that wasn’t exciting to her.

I was hoping this would work, since my idea about begging was nixed immediately. The great thing is, it did! My wife got excited and we did a few scenes on the phone, all three of us, talking about how it would go. Soon, she was eager to try and we ended up having some great times! I still talk to my phone Mistress.  Of course, I do.   Phone sex with her changed my life!